The ikigai discovery. Reason for beingThe ikigai discovery. Reason for being

Having a great impact of this book on me, I have decided to have a series on the Ikigai as a part of my Alexa campaign. The ikigai discovery. Series 2 – Your reason for being. We all have a reason to live. Some have found them and working towards it and while some are still in search of it.

According to the people of Japan, everyone has an Ikigai! Ikigai is something that we love doing, which would help us make money out of it, something which you are good at. And sometimes your Ikigai can be useful for others also.

Ikigai. Reason for being
Ikigai. Reason for being

Don’t you all agree that this Ikigai is hidden inside us?! Yes, but the challenge is to find it and keep consistent with it. It might take many wrong guesses for us to discover our reason for being. But as they say, passion drives it out, anyway!

Ikigai has no retirement:

In the book, the authors explain, how having a clear vision of your ikigai brings you happiness and satisfaction which will not let you retire nor leave the work that you love and thus finding meaning in your life.

And how true is this, we don’t think to retire from something that we love doing. Or retire from something that brings us joy. True right??

Ikigai. Reason for being
Ikigai. Reason for being

The 80% secret:

“Hara Hachi Bu” is the common saying in Japan which means, Fill your belly to 80%. Hara Hachi Bu is usually repeated before or after eating. It is like a kind of reminder for people not to eat till they are full.

Even though in western this is not followed much. It is left to people to follow it. The main aim of this Hara Hachi bu is to avoid overeating and make the body go through the long digestion process which would result in cellular oxidation. 

While the Hara Hachi bu is just one of the topics in this book, their food habits are linked to their long years. As they stay active, fit, and continue doing what they love. A fact that authors mentioned in this book are, many Japanese never really retire! They do what they love doing!

We can by now know that most of the people interviewed by the authors have discovered their Ikigai and so they love doing and never think of leaving the work what they love to do. It seems, the culture of “retiring after certain age” simply doesn’t exist.

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41 thoughts on “The Ikigai discovery. – Your reason for being.”
  1. We all need a purpose to live. Sometimes we confuse ourselves by pointing of our responsibilities as ou purpose. LIke taking care of kids, house etc. But is that the only purpose of our life? We forget what we are born to do, or what we like to do. And obviously when we are doing what we love then there is no questions of taking a break or retiring.

  2. We need to understand our value and the purpose for which we live. I always advocate that we need to to love our self so that we can spread more happiness around us and to our loved ones. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post.

  3. You have selected such a wonderful theme for alexa. I had read about Ikigai concept before but your post had made me more informed about it. yes, agree when we follow our passion and do what we love to do, then there is no need to get retired. life become a wonderful journey of meaningful enjoyment.

  4. Love your theme. Yes I have seen people overeating and harm their body. In fact I too do that sometime. But It is important that we chew more take good time to finish the meal and fill your tummy just 80%. This will help us to be healthy in long run. Great concept.

    1. The right topic to go with I am person who doesn’t over eat coz I know that leads to the bad health and over weight gaining… Proper food at proper time is really important.

  5. Your posts are so simple yet thoughtful. Ikigai is a wonderful way to love life. It is very basic yet most of us fail to practice it. It is going to be helpful in the long run for sure.

  6. This is the first time I am reading about Ikigai concept , and I am glad I came across your post. Its sure is a nice way to embrace life.

  7. Even in Ayurveda it is said that we must never eat till our tummy is full and always leave some room. Ikigai is an interesting concept and a good theme too.

  8. This aspect of Ikigai that focuses on the reason for being is really fascinating. I really like the concept of hara Hachi Bu, it is really such a universal truth and a concept that one should integrate in ones life.

  9. I’m loving this series. You’re absolutely on point. We don’t think of retiring from something we love doing. For me, blogging is that thing, which brings me joy as well 🙂 Please continue this series, as I’m learning so much.

  10. I have read about this concept some time ago and wondered how well our ancestors also have said the same thing or generations. Feed your soul not the body, and when we understand to balance things, it will become much easier.

  11. Happiness is more than a pleasant feeling or a cheerful expression. Loved your series post. I believe that having a purpose in life and then giving everything to get it, is the most important thing to live a happy life. If one purpose path ceases to exist, then you may deliberately adapt, alter, and follow new passions. Interesting post✌.

  12. I love Ikigai concept. I read the book and understood the concept a few years ago and I have been following some of the things that it talks about. I have definitely seen the difference.

  13. After hearing so much from you about Ikagai book I would love to read it myself while I am also working to discover things about myself. Its indeed a nice subject to ponder upon. Self discovery never stops.

  14. Hara Hachi bubis something very diffucult for Bengalis as our typical meal has at least 5 courses. But, it is in theory a great practice, and particularly useful during dinner.

  15. Even I read Ikigai and loved the concept. I thought I had found my Ikigai but life has thrown such a curveball that it has shaken my life to the core. I have to again look for my Ikigai

  16. This is a wonderful post that I have read today. Finding your purpose to live and doing what we love is something that brings happiness and self satisfaction. Very well written post.

  17. Ikigai is a really good Japanese concept and wonderfully detailed. Have a copy borrowed from a friend and reading it very slowly alternating between myself and my wife… Thanks for summarizing concepts and thoughts in all your posts

  18. I read this book a couple of months back while I was feeling low and it had such a great impact. Even though Ikigai mostly talks about longevity and health, it has such a soothing effect. So a big thank you for bringing that feel back and looking forward to your Alexa posts!

  19. Getting up from the table when you are not completely full is a concept my Grandmom used to teach us. It is only after we grew up did we understood what it meant. I have heard a lot about the book, Ikigai. Glad you’re doing a series on it. Looking forward to your posts.

  20. I have read the book Ikigai and found iyt breally fascinating that people didnt want to retire because they enjoyed doing their work. Work wasnt work for them, also because they never over worked. They knew how to balance work and life.

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