Discover your Ikigai. Series 5 – Why find flow in what you do.Discover your Ikigai. Series 5 – Why find flow in what you do.

5th for the series of Discover your Ikigai, why find flow in what you do. While reading this book, I so agree upon few points mentioned by authors and so comes this blog post as a part of my Alexa campaign.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Discover your Ikigai. Series 5 – Why find flow in what you do.
Discover your Ikigai. Series 5 – Why find flow in what you do

You must have heard of a saying, – “There is no future, no past. There is only the present.?” Well, if you did and follow, you would be completely involved in the work or experiencing it, you are doing. Distraction is a far-away thought.

A couple of questions I would like to ask you, is there anything that makes you happy while you are doing it? Is there any work that you are caught up with completely so that while performing certain tasks you forget your worries? Is that your happy moment? Well, these are just a few questions that would help us to figure out our ikigai.

 Why find flow:

I have read many of the blog posts and articles about happiness. I have written one myself, – “Happiness you come to me, I shall wait.” In all, I have found one common thing and you would also agree upon, – there is no magic spell for happiness!

You truly find happiness with what you do, by being consistent, spending more time, and reaching the state of flow. With which we would be having an “optimal experience.” Flow is achieved only when it truly matters to you and benefits you in long term and not short-term pleasures.

Discover your Ikigai. Series 5 – Why find flow in what you do.
Discover your Ikigai. Series 5 – Why find flow in what you do.

According to a researcher – Owen Schaffer, here are a few points that help us achieving flow:

  • Having an idea what to do.
  • Knowing how to do it.
  • Knowing how well you are doing it.
  • To know where to go.
  • Perceiving significant challenges.
  • Perceiving significant skills.
  • Free from distractions.

As I am somewhat into planning, I could connect the dots from planning to helping to find ikigai and completing tasks. We shall go one by one and how it might as well help you too. Steps as suggested by a researcher, Owen.

Step 1: Choose a hard task, to achieve flow

I feel I would be more productive as a morning person and so plan to do the hard task right in the morning. It might be a little outside our comfort zone but have a chance of completing it, eventually. I usually plan up things that I have been putting off for some time.

Step 2: Having a clear objective and idea: to achieve flow

As it suggests, we cannot carry on without a clear idea of what is to be done. Without an objective, it would be nearly impossible to achieve flow nor complete a task. As it is important to have an objective before starting something we should also know how to leave that task as we finish it or get to another business.

Sept 3: Perform one task at a time:

In today’s world with so much to get distracted while working on something is common and I am sure you would agree on it too. While some of us might be good with multitasking I feel the time taken to complete a single task is much more when we multitask.

“Concentrating on one thing at a time may be the single most important factor in achieving flow” – Csikszentmihalyi.

These are just a few points that caught my eyes while reading ikigai. Hope it would be helpful for you to get the flow of ikigai and why is it important to achieve it.

Here are a few questions for you to answer for yourself:

What is that one activity that would have its flow and you do not want to end that work?

Do you like to do one thing at a time (which drives your flow) or multitask it?

Is there any activity that would make you reach the state of flow which would require you to move your body? (Physical activity)

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Little things matter for a happy life.

Why find you ikigai

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19 thoughts on “Discover your Ikigai. Series 5 – Why find flow in what you do.”
  1. I am in love with your Ikigai series, learned a lot! Finding one’s flow is so critical…I will follow these steps …and try to find flow in what I do…thanks for this one!

  2. I just loved your ikigai series. Learning a lot. I like multitasking but it’s not possible every time. I agree doing a single task perfectly should be our target.

  3. I am still on the way and have to find my ikigai. Hope to find it soon.. I have the book and soon going to start reading. Agree with all your points

  4. Love this book! Achieving flow brings sense of happiness, need not be complicated task. Just something we enjoy 🙂

  5. Multitasking should not be encouraged I think, so your point about ‘performing one task at a time’ is something I completely agree with. Great tips otherwise too

  6. Practice, perfection are two aspects that are very close to Japanese and I had an opportunity to experience it in my first job. Have learnt a lot as I am today from the ikigai book

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