Discover your Ikigai. Series 3 – Little things matter for a happy life.

Discover your Ikigai. Series 3 – Little things matter for a happy life.

In this row of series inspired by Ikigai, authors have mentioned how little things matter in life for a long and happy life. This book has done wonders to my brain and so does comes this post as well. What do you think if this? Do little things matter?

We in 2021, have the urge to have all success in life, and in this rat race, we often don’t appreciate little things or achievements/ happy moments as we do to some big events or big success. Does stress add to aging? Does stress doesn’t allow us to do what we love, our work?

Escaping the aging? Little things for a happy life.

Research shows that for more than a century we did manage to add 0.3 years, every year to our life expectancy. While I was reading that report, I just had a random thought, “what if we add a year every year by all the technology that we have, we would be immortal…!

Discover your Ikigai. Series 3 – Little things matter for a happy life.

Little things for me to a happy life:

Anyway, let us get to our topic again. Why don’t we welcome little things the same way as we do for bigger things? Well, happiness is also found in little things. if I speak for myself here in this post, I have a couple of things that just make my day and eventually my year!

A cup of tea without disturbance.

Reading a book without breaking the flow.

Having kids play all day without a tantrum, is the major win!

Playing with kids is the happiest time.

As of now, these are just some small yet amazing moments that I look forward to every day.

Sadvika Kylash
Some little happiness of life

Active mind, youthful body:

In this book, authors rightly described Active mind, youthful body – “mens sana in corpore sano” which translates to (a sound mind in a sound body) which again takes us to the first series as you be healthy and happy with your life or the work you do, you don’t take any retirement from what you love.

Have your mind in an active state by always doing what your love and that would help you be fit and healthy as to carry on the work you love. Be happy with the little things that come your way. happiness found in those little things is way more than big success or events.

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  1. A lovely post. It is the charm to find happiness in little things. And there are often things that money can’t buy. Your kids are adorable. God bless.

    1. I am really liking your Ikigai series. I also truly belive that a sound mind and a sound body go hand in hand.

  2. Happiness is always found in the little things in life. As a quote went, don’t forget to stop for the little things in life for one day you may find that they are the big things. Thank you for writing on this wonderful topic.

  3. Life and Little moments can make a beautiful post like this 💕💕💕

  4. Wonderful post.Yes, playing with kids is indeed the happiest time.

  5. sounds perfect and too beautiful. loved your illustrations

  6. Beautiful post. Happiness is finding joy in small things!

  7. How small things have the power to bring BIG change. I so resonate with every line you have written here. Everyday matters and we all make the most of every day rather than waiting for a big change

  8. Beautifully explained. Sadvika. Ikigai is something we all should yearn for. It’s that blissful feeling which will come with lots of favours as we humans like it.

  9. Happiness is important especially when you’re a mom. Your aura is felt by your kids too.

  10. Lovely post. I just started with the book!

  11. Yes, sometimes these little things make a big worry to vanish. We all need to find such little things that make us happy on daily basis.

  12. I am really liking your Ikigai series. I also truly belive that a sound mind and a sound body go hand in hand.

  13. Lovely read. Little things makes a big difference

  14. Beautiful post! I have the book Ikigai and I have always believed that immense joy comes from little things in life.

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  16. We should definitely not underestimate the power and happiness of little things in life

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