Happy Mom makes Happy Kids.Happy Mom makes Happy Kids.

How true is this, right? But it is right the other way round too. ‘Happy Kids make Happy Mom.’ After being a mother, we have a lot to deal with. Some go through a lot of depression post-delivery while some manage to sail through it. Read along, Happy Mom makes Happy Kids.

Happy Mom makes Happy Kids.
Happy Mom makes Happy Kids.

From the moment we bring the child to this world, our world changes, priorities change, the meaning of happiness entirely changes. A baby brings a lot of happiness and positive vibes to the family. Well, while writing this I could go back in time to my initial days with the baby.

Once you get back home with the kid and are alone with them. You tend to manage everything by yourself. This is the power of Multi-tasking that we have. And if you wish to read my blog about the Guide on Multi-tasking for new moms, where it did give out few multi-tasking ideas that would work for sure.

Not going much into Mental Health but just a note to self for moms. You are happy with what you got. You are happy for what you wish for. Don’t let the stress of being perfect in everything ruin it. No one is perfect, let alone moms.

Remember one thing, you cannot be ‘all’ It will pull you down if you are overwhelmed with a lot of work to be done. Take one step at a time. You are a mom, and which means you already have less time for yourself.

Only if you are happy from the inside you can be true with your kids too. Failures and rejection would come with every step that we take. Beating them, we must come out of flying colors to give wings to our kids, so that they can have the sky as the limit.

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11 thoughts on “Happy Mom makes Happy Kids.”
  1. Yes, we often forget that being a happy mom is more important than being a productive mom. The kids tend to pick up the vibes from us and if we want them to be happy, we must try to stay in a cheerful mood.

  2. Taking care family members and homemaking is about creating an environment where happiness is the center of all that is done and said by you. As a mom or homemaker it’s very important to be happy. if you happy than your child will be happy.

  3. Very aptly put. Happiness is contagious and the more we let it in our life the better it gets. Happy moms leads to not just happy kids but happy family too.

  4. Well said. A mom has less time for herself so instead of trying to achieve benchmarks set by others, let’s give ourselves a break and set our own benchmarks.

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