A message from a mother who is trying hard to survive motherhood
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A message from a mother who is trying hard to survive motherhood. 

Don’t you all agree, that sometimes we feel that this is the longest day ever with kids??! Something like winter nights, cold and dark yet a lonely night? Sometimes don’t you feel that your day just drags on? kids are always high on energy who refuse to calm down, someone throws a tantrum while someone who is always sick!

While you are trying to keep your house put together and go to one room to start over, once you are done and turned over you see the other room is a hot mess!! Happens every time right? I have heard and read about moms who religiously follow the to-do list. Well, I don’t even want to get started on my to-do list which is stacking up!

A message from a mother who is trying hard to survive motherhood
A message from a mother who is trying hard to survive motherhood

Kids and their demands are never-ending! Don’t you feel you are exhausted and so done with these little humans and call it quits for the day? Do you feel that you are lost, today? You knew motherhood was hard. But no one would tell you how to deal with it. every mother has her new version of serving motherhood.

Answer honestly this for yourself, you dint think it would be this hard, right? Your random thought was about having a hard time during the initial days. But it continues to be days after weeks after months.

Hey mamma, I am here with you! We both are in different boats but sailing in the same direction. Now and then, even I feel that I am drowning myself, while I still figure it out. Yet, here we are both making our journey towards motherhood.

Before entering into motherhood, I had my expectations set right as to what would make me a good mom. But I didn’t realize that these expectations and standards that I set were making me fail every time as expectations are always not so realistic.

I was good at what I was doing, but the standards and the desire of being the ‘perfect mother’ was making me drown’


I sometimes feel that the way we set our expectations high on ourselves and by not being able to achieve it will make us feel way worse than actually not doing things. Instead of the good things that I was doing right, I was being concerned about the things that I couldn’t do at all.

Setting high expectations on how an ideal mother or motherhood should be will make you drown in motherhood! You do what you could do, already. And if you could do any better, you already would have!

Mind you, we all are on the same journey but travel differently with different people and issues. Don’t let the expectations of others hold you back!

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