What is Mental Health and Behavioral Health

What is Mental Health and Behavioral Health

Let us get real and honest, most around us visit a doctor seeking help related to Mental Health and Behavioral health. It is just that people around us, especially here in India, it is not spoken as open as they should be.

This might include anxiety, depression, help in quitting substances, weight loss issues, or diabetes management. As the increasing number of these issues has led the way to offer more healthcare services to people who seek help.

As the title goes, this terms are used as common terms but as I read through many articles on these issues, I found a few main differences.

Let us describe behavioral health, it is the connection between health, well-being, and the behaviors of a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Our daily activity would fall under this category like exercising, our eating habits.

Around the ’80s behavioral health was completely referred to as behaviors that would prevent illness or which would promote health. Then in later times, behavioral health included issues that helped people to manage diseases. In recent times it did incorporate mental health as well. 

When we look at other definitions we would understand as a whole that behavioral health would refer to marriage, family counseling, psychiatric, and even to mental health as discussed in previous blog posts and it also includes the services provided by counselors, psychiatrists, and other social workers. Along with it, it also includes the prevention of substance use.

What is Mental Health and Behavioral Health
What is Mental Health and Behavioral Health

Mental Health and Behavioral Health:

Now, let us understand that the term behavioral health is used as an overall blanket for mental health as well. In a very simple sentence, behavioral health looks at a person’s impact on health both, mental and physical.

I would now talk about the simple example of how behavioral health is a little different from mental health.

Some of the behavioral health issues might not be necessary to fall under the mental health category. If a person is suffering from obesity, then the mental health professional would look at the factors that might have contributed to it. This is usually the primary effect of physical health and this particular behavioral health does not come under the mental health category.

But the mental health is included in both. Such as, a person who is having mental health issue could get benefit from a few principles of behavioral health. We can see examples around us, where a person who is dealing with mental health would have a positive change with the help of the family, community, or even just a single person. Sometimes all it takes is a change of thinking which would help people to deal better and cope with their mental health.

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  1. You are absolutely right, Sadhvika. Mental heaith is still a taboo. No point ignoring the elephant in the room. I know many people who will take random medicines from their family doctor rather than going to a shrink

    1. You have beautifully explained both behavioural health and Mental health also I so agree with the point that All these can be interrelated which sometimes we just can’t notice initially. Awesome post

  2. Really appreciate how well you are explaining Mental Health through your well-written blog posts. We need to create as much awareness as we can, about the topic that still has a stigma attached, and your posts will certainly do that.

  3. I love the way your ppst roots in as I read tru. Good 1

    1. Very rightly said ‘ A small change in thinking with the support of family and friends cheers up the person with anxiety , depression’ A good read on awareness about mental and behavioral health

  4. Your words always gives me clarity. Loved how you explain the concepts

  5. it’s sad that in a country as big as ours, mental health is still hush hush… but it’s really nice that u are creating this much needed awareness through your well researched blogs… Kudos Sadhvika!

    1. Mental health is a much-neglected topic in our country. Thanks for sharing information and spreading awareness around it.

  6. Really liked the way you are explaining Mental Health through your blog posts. We need to create as much awareness as we can, to educate people via our posts, videos and discussion. I enjoyed reading this.

  7. I think it’s a vicious circle.. Physical health can lead to some behavioral issues and than can lead to certain mental conditions, or due to some behavioral issues your mental health gets affected and that could lead to some physical health issues. So it’s is difficult to know what has lead to what but one this is sure, they need attention and are surely connected.

  8. You are right. A lot of behavioural issues are a result of mental health issues. People should be allowed to discuss it more openly. It will save a lot of lives.

  9. This was very informative and well done Sadvika.

  10. We still have a long way to go before mental health issues are openly accepted and discussed. Thanks for the detailed discussion on how both mental health and behavioural health is interrelated.

  11. You make a very good point. Mental health issues can have physical manifestations. Infact, in a lot of lines of treatments like homeopathy they delve into issues, fears, stress etc before prescribing medication.

  12. Our country has one of the largest populations in the world and yet we neglect the concept of mental health. Today I learnt through your post how behavioural health is a much wider concept and that mental heal6is a part of it. Keep going. Your posts are building an awareness which is much needed.

  13. So true. Caring for our outer physical appearance, we ignore our inner and mental health more often than not. Inspiring read.

  14. They both are interrelated if any one get disturbed then other also get impacted. It’s all about balancing. Overall, we need to take care mental and physical health other parts will automatically work wonderfully.

  15. Thanks for shedding a light on an often overlooked topic. You have articulated this very well and I was not aware of some of the differences, but thanks to this blog have learned something new

  16. Agree mental health is a vital issue that is not addressed with that kind of an open mindedness. About time, we fought this demon off. Very powerful idea and blog.

  17. I am glad that finally we are talking about mental health and people are coming out slowly. We need to realize and consider the importance of mental health in our lives.

  18. This is an informative post about a topic that we still ignore. Mental health is as important as physical health and people need to understand this.

  19. Behavioral health is the blanket term that includes mental health. But yes it’s a taboo in India. What pains me is people still make fun of mental health.

  20. Thank you for dedicatedly discussing mental and emotional health and not treating it like any other talking point or fad!

  21. This is a much overlooked topic ans something taht people do not talk openly. I’m glad things are changing and posts like these bring awareness.

    1. This is such an important post. We often confuse behaviour health with mental health. Much needed health.

  22. Looking forward to get more details on the topic. Though you made a good point to understand the difference between the two

  23. Nice to see you highlighting this important distinction. Not many people do so.

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