I am a better mom for two than for one!I am a better mom for two than for one!

As it happens for everyone, first-time mom we get to be with the only child. Be with the kid, sleep with the kid and almost have every meal with the kid. Yes, I am almost perfect, at least I thought I was. Being complete with the kid and check all the needs. Read along, I am a better mom of two than for one!

I am a better mom for two than for one!
I am a better mom for two than for one!

And one fine day when I found out that I was expecting again, happiness took over me. I was happy to see my family growing but at the same time, I was a little concerned about the time I could give to my elder one after the baby arrives.

I was sure that having a sibling is something that she would be about but not sure how I would handle it.

But as time passed, with the baby’s arrival, I started realizing that I am a better mom of two than for one. now, two years after two kids and a good career was all that I was proud of.

Here are few things that I could say, I am a better mom for two than for one.

Fewer experiments: Since the “first” child has all the first-time experiences and so many fears of doing things the right way. Right from sleep training to introducing solid foods. But now, I am a bit aware of what would work with kids and at what age. Thanks to the many failed attempts that I had with my first.

Smart buying: Well, as first-time parents we tend to buy almost all that we feel ‘might’ be useful for the baby. But for the second you would be aware of what is useful and at what age. I am a better mom of two than for one.

Quality time with both kids: Since I have two kids and a career time that I spent with them is what I call quality time. For the first, I left my career, and now after my second child, I am getting back on track with my career, with something that I love.

As time passed, even they understand that mom is a ‘working mom’ and has work to do. And few times a day they play with each other. Giving me some extra time to myself.

Happy mom: With two amazing kids, and an amazing family along with a good career as a Blogger and a Content Creator, what all I need and complete me as a mother. Happy Mom makes Happy Kids.

Now at this point, I don’t worry about not doing the ‘right way, not being with the kids ‘enough.’ All I could say is I am happy to give my kids the best I could give them. This makes me feel “I am a better mom of two than for one.”

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13 thoughts on “I am a better mom for two than for one!”
  1. I felt the same way after my second child. The first one was a nightmare but the second was a cakewalk. Even I felt I was better with two babies. But I didn’t have a career to manage. You are a superwoman if you are doing everything and working as well. Hats off to you

  2. Hmm.. convincing points. The biggest benefit, I think is, they get each other’s company and we are a bit relieved. And of course we become experienced till the arrival of the second one. So that pays off too.

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