Zoom Out all the negative and see the bright side of MotherhoodZoom Out all the negative and see the bright side of Motherhood

As I have, I have always mentioned in my earlier blog posts, Motherhood sometimes can be a long and alone journey. With so much to handle especially for a new mom, it is a bit difficult to handle things. For that matter, not just for a new mom but for moms in general! Zoom Out all the Negatives and see the amazing side of Motherhood!

We all have our style of parenting. Our ways and rules to get things right at home and with kids. Some of them are approved by others while some of them don’t. Now, for those rules or ways which are not approved by the public; we are often judged for that.

 Zoom Out all the Negatives and see the amazing side of Motherhood!

Zoom Out all the Negatives and see the amazing side of Motherhood!

I would like to conclude this last post of the BlogChattera2z challenge post as gratitude to my Mom. A single mom raised me with so many negative vibes around her yet nothing changed to believe her way was right.

If you wish to read my other blog I posted on Women’s day –

Women’s day with Single Mother’s

Single Mothers are so judged in our society.

And I so wish it would someday change. Sometimes it becomes so much difficult for single mother, not having a negative comment for anything she does either for her or her kids.

Financial independent

One thing I found out to be important is that women need to be financially independent. Here, I want to talk about women in general and not mothers or single mothers. This is one such thing that would impact a lot.

Being a little stable and able to get stuff for yourself would make it easy for all. Be it, family, you could contribute too. Be it buying for yourself, you no need to ask. Be it for kids; well, parents are always ready to spend on kids.

For a single mother: It makes it a little easy to live on their own and earn living. This is one such issue that makes a single mother being dependent on others after that painful separation. Well, depending on others is not any easier.

Just a post about a single mother from a single daughter. A gratitude post, a thank you post, a stay strong post. Whatever you may name it as. As my headline says, Zoom Out all the Negatives and see the amazing side of Motherhood!

Some light moments with a strong Single Mother

So much love! End to this amazing blogging challenge with amazing co-bloggers. I could learn so much from you all, from this whole month!!

I conclude the end of the #BlogChattera2z challenge hosted by BlogChatter.

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By Sadvika Kylash

A Blogging enthusiastic person. A mom of two girls. Love to journal my journey of Motherhood, Parenting and Lifestyle.

17 thoughts on “Zoom Out all the Negatives and see the amazing side of Motherhood!”
  1. Lovely picture there. Indeed we need to zoom out all the unwanted advice that brings negativity. Was wonderful reading your series, amazing work. Best wishes
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Very true..financial independence can be of great help. For me, it has always been a struggle. I stepped out at the age of 40 to start a career as I had two lids to support. My husband passed away suddenly and the joint business was taken over by the family.

  3. Loved the title of this post. We certainly need to zoom out the negativities to stay serene. All the posts in your series have been spreading positivity around. Loved reading them all. Congratulations on the completion of A2Z. Best wishes.

  4. Your post was very touching Sadvika. I know the pain of a single mom buddy, much love to you and to your strong mum, she is a role model to many. Loved sailing this AtoZ with you love. Good Bless!

  5. Its really an inspiring and heart-felt post, Sadvika. Your mom is really a role model to many with her strong will and determination.

  6. Financial freedom is a must for women. It gives them the power to lead life as they wish. Congratulations on completing the A2Z challenge and best wishes for the future:)

  7. It’s so important for women to be financial freedom. Congratulations on completing this challenge.

  8. You have hit the nail on its head. Financial independence is a must for all women I would say! The picture there is lovely and I have enjoyed the joy ride with you. Though could not engage on all your posts. But it was filled with fun and so much more!

  9. Being a single women ,financial independence becomes really vital or otherwise also. It gives you confidence and must say this post has touched my heart. Lots of love to you and your strong mother.

  10. Hugs to you dear as I’m also a single daughter raised by a single mother and I’m proud of my mom a lot. She is my ideal and has learned a lot from, the strong woman who raised me. Indeed we need to keep aside the negatives and people who try to demotivate us. Every woman is unique and so is every motherhood journey. Love to you and respect for your mom.

  11. Financial independence is a must for women and should always be encouraged. Great series. Enjoyed reading your posts.

  12. I couldn’t agree more on this, dear, that we live in a society where single mothers are always either judged or questioned at every step. Also ho important it is to be financially independent as a woman. We hope our next generation won’t face that toughness for women because we will, ourselves, lead a sensible society. Congrats on the successful completion of the A2z challenge.

  13. Yes agree dear motherhood should be celebrated without being judgmental or creating a negative vibes around any one. your posts were so good in series. many congratulations on completing A2Z. convert these posts in to e book. they will look awesome.

  14. I agree single mothers are judged .Your mom is really a role model to many with her strong will and determination. Congratulations for completing this A2Z series

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