How blogging helped me become the best of myself.How blogging helped me become the best of myself.

8th in the series of “Know your author” hosted by BlogChatter. This HalfMarathon has allowed me to get this series in Infront of my readers. As a blogger, I write on various topics but not on myself. Continue reading, how blogging helps me become the best version of myself.

Know your Author series:

  1. Blogging it is, why I chose blogging.
  2. Why Momlifeandlifestyle as my domain name.
  3. How I manage Kids and Blogging.
  4. Topics I cover on my blog, Momlifeandlifestyle.
  5. Why I write more about single mothers/single parents.
  6. My first eBook, Motherhood Talks
  7. How do other parent bloggers influence me.

Yes absolutely, blogging had helped me evolve! Right from the start. As I write mostly about parenting and kids, I have understood deeply what parenting is all about. Even if I am low sometimes, other blog posts are a boost up for me to have a reality check.

One thing that strikes me hard is when I was researching to write about tantrums and I have gone through a lot of information by other parent bloggers on how they deal with it. And I must say some of those tricks worked for me.

How blogging helped me become the best of myself.
How blogging helped me become the best of myself.

Researching about parenting, motherhood, toddlers, and mental health these have affected me. Blogging made me a better-known person of what I am in for with parenting. Blogging thought me patience while I research and yes it takes a lot of time.

It showed me the reality of parenting and it’s the same for everyone and it’s just that each one of us has our journey to do. Post-delivery anxiety was an issue for me few of the mental health blogs have helped me pave my way back.

Blogging is my “time off” of kids and other homely chores. It is a time that I have invested in myself. Blogging is my time to be me! This had made my thinking clearer, made me happier, made me a better version of myself.

Sadvika Kylash

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By Sadvika Kylash

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19 thoughts on “How blogging helped me become the best of myself.”
  1. Blogging is a wonderful area and we learn so much aboutoursleves. It does make us a better version of ourselves. It unfolds many new areas to us. we learn, we unlearn. And the biggest achievement we become a part of a tribe.

  2. yes with blogging, we learn new things everyday and this learning make us a betetr version of ourselves. like you, I also had a wonderful experience with my blogging jourrney. it has given me a wonderful opportunity to explore creative aspect of my personality.

  3. Like you, even I echo the same sentiments. Blogging is a creative outlet for many of us. A time where we let our inhibitions down and allow our mind to wander freely. Through blogging, I was able to leverage the full potential of my thoughts and the power of words.

    1. It’s wonderful that you found yourself through blogging. I too loved writing and reading and English being my favorite, I had to take your blogging to showcase my love for it.

  4. Bogging even helped me a lot to learn more every day. I am so happy to see that there are more like me who are learning during this journey!!

  5. Blogging let me be myself. While writing it makes me feel liberated and being an enabler it gives me opportunity to influence, connect with as many like minded people as I can.

    1. I think I speak for most of us when I say that blogging has been an immensely satisfying learning journey as a parent and as a person too. It feels good to know we have someone who understands what we feel.

  6. Yours is very inspiring Blogging journey. Indeed Blogging is a healing process. It evolves us and increase confidence

  7. Blogging has helped us evolve in various ways. Loved reading your honest thoughts about it. Personally I have learnt a lot through blogging and am learning continuously.

  8. Absolutely relatable Sadvika, even I love this time of my own when I am writing or doing anything related to my blog. It gives me immense peace and happiness when I am focusing on a subject and finishing it.

  9. Blogging is my personal solace too. It is indeed a me-time and the best way to keep self sane from all the madness happening around.

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