Parenting tip: Ways to avoid temper tantrums in toddlersParenting tip: Ways to avoid temper tantrums in toddlers

Toddlers and their infamous temper tantrums are one of the main behaviors concerns for parents. As a mother of two toddlers, (keeping Covid in mind, as they are always at home) I have few tips that I am working on to keep a check on their temper tantrums. Read along, Parenting tip: Ways to avoid temper tantrums in toddlers.

Temper tantrums are simply toddler’s innocent ways to express feelings. It may be the wrong way, but when guided right, they would eventually mold themselves well into the situation. Not to forget, toddlers are quick learners.

Parenting tip: Ways to avoid temper tantrums in toddlers.
Parenting tip: Ways to avoid temper tantrums in toddlers.

Here are few tips to avoid Temper Tantrums in toddlers.

Understand the cause:

Make rules clear for them. A fuzzy toddler is an irritated child. Who doesn’t know how to tell his feeling? Understand what is the matter and why is he mad. Then try to explain or find the solution and come to him.

Make clear rules:

Well, this doesn’t happen overnight nor you can expect toddlers to understand the first time you tell them. It takes time to make them understand that if they continue to through tantrums they would be cut off from some benefits. Praise your toddler when they follow the rules.

Mix ‘yes and no’:

Don’t always say yes to whatever your toddler says and the same way, don’t always say no to everything your toddler asks for. This would work both ways and toddlers won’t feel left out.

Show how much you love them:

While you say a ‘no’ to them, they would be more likely to throw a tantrum and this would eventually make them think that you don’t love them, show how much you care about them. Make them understand the consequence.

Prevent tantrums:

Know what are the situations that would cause a trigger with your toddler to throw a tantrum. Try to avoid that situation or at least be prepared to explain why that would not be a good idea. Always know your toddler’s limit. Know how much he can do or how much he can understand.

Don’t overreact:

When a toddler doesn’t listen to you then don’t overreact. This would make the situation even worst. You might try repeating, 3-4 times, or you might distract them for an interesting game. Losing your cool would make him not go down his tantrums.

Offer them the choice:

If there is a possibility of a choice, offer the, to choose! Toddlers would more likely love to do things that they choose and not give up in middle. This would make them more independent and responsible for what they have chosen to do.

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17 thoughts on “Parenting tip: Ways to avoid temper tantrums in toddlers”
  1. I can so relate Sadvika, your tips are worthy, I am glad you didn’t say not to say no to the kiddo, a perfect balance is what we much teach them

  2. Yes toddler tantrums are so difficult to handle for many parents, your tips are so apt, I also believe parents should keep an attitude of mixing yes and no things. it is always more about keeping a balance approach that makes a good parenting.

  3. Toddler tantrums can drive mums crazy, it’s always good to lay out rules along with love and understanding.
    Mixing yes and no and offer them choices can help to avoid tantrums and understand what children exactly need. We need not overreact and calmly handle the situation and make our point valid in front of kids.

  4. Toddlers and their tantrums really need to be handled carefully. Your tips are very practical and going to help a lot to all parents!!

  5. These are some wonderful pointers. It is important to use the rule of distractions , ignore and understand the cause while handing kids tantrums. It has always worked for me.

  6. Strongly agree with all the pointers of handling tantrums in toddlers. Making the perfect balance between Yes and No is one of the toughest challenges of the parenting journey. However, a little patience can do wonders. Brilliant post Sadvika!

  7. Toddlers can and will throw tantrums. Not agreeing to everything they say and laying down clear rules does help. Parents need to keep calm and be patient.

  8. Thats a very good post . I wrote on Toddler tantrums too few days back .There is a need for patience and the rules have to be set by parents .

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