Sibling goalsSibling goals

Having two or more kids gives you an idea says, “both they would kid with each other and I could have some time off from the kids” Well while this is true to much extend, there would be a time where your dream ‘off time’ would end and you could hear saying, ‘this is mine’ ‘I won’t give you and the younger one would shout saying, ‘Mumma I want the toy’

Sounds similar? Well, I am sure you would connect with the above scene and had a little laugh. If I may say, this is the story of every house with two or more kids. Stepping in to control the situation becomes mandatory.

But this would again repeat in no time and you have to jump right in, again! Instead, make them understand the concept of sharing. You can read my posts, how kids learn to share where I did explain few points that worked for me and I stay in a joint family.

Make them able to solve the toy sharing issues among themselves. This would take a lot of time and then they would understand. (They are kids Afterall!)

Sibling goals
Sisters enjoying their play!

This relation nurturing:

This lovely relation, from being siblings to siblings’ goals, needs a lot of nurturing! A fact to be noted, that sibling relations are only family relations that would stay till longer than any family relation! Having a positive sibling relationship as early as childhood would continue till they are. And so would the negative sibling relations.

Resolving themselves:

I do agree that this is a hell of a task, of teaching siblings how to solve their fights or arguments. Firstly, it needs us to be calm and not lose our cool. Secondly, they would agree to, what you say when you say, ‘the sharing concept’ This would continue for some time and then after it starts again. It is like back to square one!

This would take a lot of time as siblings are always on with their completion on who will go in first? Who will get the remote, that favorite couch space, and so on? Our involvement is should be there but sometimes it is ok to let them decide.

Sibling goals
Sibling goals

Yes, they would be some crying and mostly the elder kid has to let go of the younger. All this is a part of how they learn. And it also depends on how we explain it to them about the word ‘siblings’ As I said earlier, the sibling relation needs to be nurtured by ‘US’ 

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17 thoughts on ““Understand the sibling goals” It is up to us to explain!”
  1. Well said Sadvika. All this rivalry between siblings is a part of growing up and after they grow up, they would become thick friends

  2. Very depends on how we make them relate to each other and have that love for the sibling. Some siblings are inseparable while some grow up to be intolerant of each other.

  3. I felt nostalgic reading your post today, I and my brother used to fight a lot and today I pray for him each day and miss him so much

  4. I was a single child and now have two boys and now understand the way siblings grow with fights, happiness, discussions, and all going on together.

  5. yes sibling relationship is most beautiful relationship in world and minor conflict is routine part of growing up. as kids grow, they learn the way to solve it on their own.

  6. Siblings share a very unique type of bond. No? Tom and Jerry kind of. They can’t stay away from each other but can’t help fighting too. A great piece of advice, that we should let them solve their problems by themselves. Cute pictures of your daughters.

  7. Little fights and lots of love and care is part of sibling growing brother used to fight like cats and dogs and now I miss him like crazy. Same with my kids they fight but they have learnt to resolve on their own.

  8. Noone can ever understand you as better as your siblings and this is the best bond, picture is so adorable!!

  9. Letting kids resolve matters amongst themselves saves us from difficult choices while giving them a chance to find a middle ground on their own. Those fights often become cherished memories when they grow up.

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